Why Use Bunnies?

Why use bunnies?


I could not use people. They had already been people.


Bunnies are relatable.


Bunnies are fearful.


Bunnies are at the bottom of the food chain.


Bunnies develop strategies. Zig-zag running pattern. Erratic movement. Oh. Maybe that is only one strategy.


Bunnies hide.


Bunnies are vegetarians. I do not have to kill anything to feed them.


I don’t have to feed them. (But do I have to take care of them? I think so yes)




I don’t make real bunnies. Everything is a stand-in. Some sort of re-write to right.


Bunnies are smaller than me. I can mentally move them around.



In Between Everything….working

I have been listening to Particle Physics for Beginners: A Tour of the Microcosmos by Stephen Pollock https://www.thegreatcourses.com/courses/particle-physics-for-non-physicists-a-tour-of-the-microcosmos.html  When I began the book, I was applying for artist in residence in Fermilab and I needed more background. I had been addressing this subject matter previously for my freshmen classes.

It is an exhilarating experience envisioning all that makes up all that is.


Problems with Particle Physics

The visual depictions. The particles in the diagrams are incredibly ordered. Is this not just wishful thinking? As human, I cannot even order my hair. And bodily functions? Oh please. I am part of the universe and I am messy.

What is with these perfect shapes anyway?


I pretty much just loved the title. It does not bear the weight of the length of the recording. This does have the feel of high school Dungeons and Dragons players and gendered in that high school boy way. (I know everyone can play but all the conversations I’ve had about the game are with high school boys. Well, I teach at a boys’ school. What should I expect?) However, visions of Madonna came to mind, musing on the Kabbalah.

I thought this article would have a bit more science. Some is addressed. It is mostlyt worth listening to.

“Postmodernism” by Kevin Hart https://books.google.com/books?id=Sv2hIXcT8qUC&source=gbs_book_other_versionsThe author is not the comedian, rather he is a poet-philosopher-theologian. Not much art is discussed but this was useful in considering structuralism and post structuralism and about where the world falls now.

Extrapolating into particle physics, and everywhere else there is the space between. Gosh darn Foucault keeps coming back to mind. What is with these French philosophers? Structuralism gives us the idea of perfection, perfect shapes, equilibrium, does time stand still? Post structuralism allows for waves of light (they can bend!) at the same time particles of light (they don’t bend!) Wonderful and not at the same time. How very relatable.

This much shorter article is probably where I needed to go. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/why-a-mental-universe-is-_b_8682048

Fermilab art show: Cosmic Design featuring work of Shanthi Chandrasekar

Prints, paper cut-outs, paintings, and relief work make up this very rewarding display. https://events.fnal.gov/art-gallery/events/event/cosmic-design-shanthi-chandraskar/

Even though the first line of her statement on the site brings to mind so many high school artist statements (ever since I can remember……) the mental synapses are all on fire and mapped so you can follow. There were a couple prints that still had the perfect-ish corcle but the translation between print to paper allowed for some satisfying unevenness. (Maybe all my ramblings are a rationale about my housekeeping and the state of my art room?) While visiting the show, I appreciated the openness of the artist as she spoke of her work. She spoke about her process, managing work and family and art. All of it is enmeshed, entangled.




Statement for Norris working

The theme for the Norris show is Up Close and Personal.

The drawing is titled a note to Anthony and Kate. Both Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade are similar in age to myself. The three of us have been on the planet for a while. Sometimes it feels the age is comparable to the long ago of the dinosaur ages. These were very creative and financially successful people. And yet their suicides so close together were so very jarring personally. I needed to check in on fellow family members who admired these people. I depicted Kate and Anthony  as hadrosaurs whose large bony skulls suggested to scientists that these beings were used to butting heads. I wish they kept at it longer.

The photos are close up of mini installations of plastic dinosaurs, holographic cardboard and mirrored objects. The sparkle suggests a party. The mirror ball references disco. Here are placed brightly colored models of ancient creatures in a dance hall celebratory setting. I haven’t figured it out exactly yet but this is a proposal to provide some relief to the despairing dinosaurs, a get-together with dinosaur music, a celebration of life. Mirrors reflect the viewer back. The viewer sparkles. And the bass line of the dinosaur (disco) music is addressed with a dance of life.dinodisco2


Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Pulse EveryBODY but the artist

This was probably on purpose. The Hirschhorn is poetically circular. The Lozano-Hemmer exhibit was slick as befits a modern day STEAM exhibit, the place where art and science collide. The light displays that project back our finger prints and blood timing are aesthetically displayed. Really the whole thing is a marvel. https://hirshhorn.si.edu/exhibitions/rafael-lozano-hemmer-pulse/

All this data is collected and then deleted(?) as numbers of visitors increased. It is like that marvelous moment at the doctor’s office, maybe during a stress test where you can view the biological struggles of your heart on a screen.

The biological struggles of the heart are just the beginning. And then we stop.

We get a slick non-mess. To a point.

The exhibit was packed with people coming in from a very cold DC day. Tissue was necessary to stem the fluids. Although, some visitors just let the phlegm fly and weirdly I am comforted by this. There was more than the biorhythmic recordings. There was on the handles of the collectors saliva and mucous from these less than conscientious visitors. We can all get collected and infected.

In an earlier piece, Last Breath, http://www.lozano-hemmer.com/last_breath.php, Lozano-Hemmer collects the last breath of Cuban singer Omara Portoundo. In the crackle of the paper bag and through the techno guts of the respirator circulates the means (breath) of artistic expression (song) of this artists. It is not so aesthetically pleasing, but Last Breath is far more moving than Pulse.

Lozano-Hemmer projects us back to ourselves. Less than animal. Just data.